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Hobsonís Lake Trail

†††† Hobsonís Lake trail is a 5.2km loop which skirts by 3 lakes along the way.† First is Hobsonís lake, then Ash Lake followed by Fox Lake.† The trail head at the end of Colins Rd. provides the shortest distance, but starting from the Maskwa Aquatic club area behind Kearney Lake and going in by Charlies Lake is another possibility (more navigation required).

†††† The trail isnít marked by signs or many trail markers, so paying attention to where you are going is a must.† That being said, it is pretty easy to stay on track if you do so.† There are some orange marks on trees, as well as foot bridges, logs on top of marshy areas and stone stairs which let you know youíre on the right path.

†††† The start and end of the trail are uphill and downhill respectively and the rest of the trail is much less hilly. Granite boulders dominate the area, as well as old growth trees and moss, giving it a ďLord Of The RingsĒ feel.† As you reach Hobsonís Lake, the smallest of the 3 lakes, youíll come to a foot bridge.† The bridge crosses a small river leading from the lake and continuing deep into the woods towards Kearney Lake. A gentle waterfall stretches into the distance.†

†††† Ash Lake , the largest of the 3 lakes, is next, and the trail just skims by the head of the lake.† A short distance later youíll arrive at Fox Lake, which is an ideal spot to stop to re-charge.† There are a couple different paths leading to Fox Lake so pay attention to where youíre headed, and aim for the granite shoreline.

† The last leg of the trip connects onto the Fox Lake trail and from there you can head a few different ways (see map).† If youíre headed to Colins Rd, its fairly simple to get back if you just stay to the left.

†††† The trail is one of the most beautiful un-touched nature trails in all of Halifax, if not THE best in my opinion.† Itís not a trail for beginners, so you need to be prepared.† Bugs can be very bad in some spots especially in Spring.† Iíve never seen any, but I could easily imagine bears liking the area, so be sure to make noise as you go along. Bring along a camera and youíll have plenty of great spots for amazing shots.†

†††† Recommended Reading: ďJourneys Through Eastern Old-Growth Fore: A narrative guideĒ.

Difficulty: Moderate-Difficult (terrain, length/navigation).

Setting: Forest, streams, lakes.†

Facilities: None.

Interpretation/Signage: None.


 3 hours roundtrip.

 Ventures into remote areas.

 Amazing old-growth forest scenery.

 Great spot on Fox Lake to relax.

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 Black Bear


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