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Difficulty: Moderate (distance)

Setting: Riverside, Waterfalls, Old-Growth Forest.

Facilities: Parking, Picnic Shelter, Benches, Outhouse.

Signage: None.

  • Follows the Mersey River.

  • Great viewing areas of one of the most scenic #waterfalls in the province.

  • Trails connect via a floating bridge.

Riverside Hiking

     These trails are a great #riverside experience near the Visitor Centre at Kejimkujik National Park.  Mill falls get their name from a portable steam mill that was set up there in the early 1900s.  Beech Grove is aptly named for the large stands of old-growth Beech trees that encompass part of the trail.

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Mill Falls Trail

     Mill Falls trail can be accessed near the Visitor Centre area, or further on down the road at a designated parking area.  I would recommend starting from the Mill Falls parking area to take in the full trail. The 1km Mill Falls trail has lots of great views of the slate lined falls and Mersey River.  Interpretive panels along the trail touch on the river ecosystem, geology, and history of the area.

Mill Falls Beech Grove Hiking Trail Kejimkujik National Park Nova Scotia

     A covered picnic area and other benches and viewing areas make it a great place to take time out to relax by the river. It’s a popular swimming area for locals, though discouraged for its obvious dangers.

  The river ecosystem is full of birds, reptiles, and fish, including brook trout which can be seen swimming up the falls in the Fall.

Beech Grove Trail

     Beech Grove trail connects on to Mill Falls trail via a very cool floating footbridge, similar to the one found at Jake’s Landing.   The 2.2km loop is nestled in a bend in the river and goes up a drumlin into large stands of old-growth hemlock and beech trees.  The trail is a great combination of picturesque forest scenes and elevated views of the river and falls.

     Doing both trails together is about 5km return, so it’s short enough for a half-day outing.  Biking is not allowed on either trail.  Be sure to pack bug spray and watch for ticks.

Mill Falls & Beach Grove Trail Habitat:

Drumlin | Warbler | American Beech | More…

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