Blue Mountain-Birch Cove Lakes: Kearney Lake Trails

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Difficulty: Difficult (Terrain/Navigation).

Setting: Acadian forest, lakes, suburban wilderness area.

Facilities: Parking, Playground, Beach.

Signage: Minimal markings & signage. Periodically posted trail maps.

Blue Mountain-Birch Cove Lakes Wilderness

     Minutes from downtown, one of Halifax’s most popular summertime destinations, Kearney Lake, has always been a popular swimming and paddling spot.  World-class Maskwa Aquatic Club‘s rowers can be seen training on the lake daily as beach-goers enjoy a day at its supervised beach and children play on the nearby playground.  Tucked behind this popular recreational lake is an extensive wilderness with stunning views and access to 4 different 100% wild lakes, numerous ponds, streams, waterfalls & hidden gems galore.  Only recently has this area become a popular outdoor recreation destination in itself.

Blue Mountain Birch Cove Lakes Wilderness Park Halifax Nova Scotia
Photos: Kearney Lake Hiking Trails

     The Kearney Lake trail system used to be largely inaccessible, known to only a small number of hikers and mountain bikers.  The trails have evolved over the years with no one to oversee their maintenance or development.  The newly formed Friends of Blue Mountain-Birch Cove Lakes have stepped in to spearhead an effort to protect this area once and for all.  If protected, much-needed re-vamping, marking and maintenance will be allowed to occur, turning the trails into a comprehensive system with variable offerings for people of all abilities.

For Experienced Hikers

     For now, there’s the occasionally posted sign and map, including at the trailhead from the main parking lot adjacent to Maskwa Aquatic Club.  The large, gravel parking area can accommodate plenty of cars, so be sure not intrude on the Maskwa property.  The trail system is also Accessible via the end of Colins Rd. which is often more crowded due to the tight parking at the end of the cul-de-sac.

     These two entry points are the gateway to a vast wilderness that can take you as far as your skills and experience will safely allow.  Ideal for experienced hikers and those who know their limits.  Wooded navigating experience, a dedicated GPS device and a compass are must-haves for newcomers to these largely un-marked trails.

     Off-road biking isn’t great yet, as the trails are full of roots and other obstacles.  Camping is allowed on public land unless otherwise stated, but it’s discouraged here.  There are no designated Leave-No-Trace campsites or ideal spots as yet, but huge potential awaits if/when this area officially becomes a long-promised wilderness park.

Hiking Trails Galore

     The Kearney Lake trail is a wide, linear, worn natural path which follows along the shore of Kearney Lake.  It takes about 45mins to go to the end and back (about 2km total).  This is a good introduction to the area as it stays out of the remote areas, and gives you a taste of what the trail system is like, without straying far from Kearney Lake.

     There is a more extensive 40-acre trail system that loops through the backwoods, and around smaller, remote lakes. Hobson’s Lake, Charlies Lake, Ash Lake, and Fox Lake can all be accessed by the backcountry trail system.  These trails take substantially longer than the trail that follows along Kearney Lake and requires planning and preparation.  Many side trails and crisscrossing splits can lead you off into unintended directions.

     You can spend as little as an hour or as long as an entire day in this extensive wilderness.  From my experience, it’s always good to allow plenty of time for wrong turns and substantial stopping time to take in the all-encompassing scenery.  The wooded trails are dotted with huge old-growth trees, rock formations, rare plants and wildlife that you do not typically see within city limits.  Each lake has its own special look-offs and stopping points where you can easily spend hours.

Preparation Is Key

     The trails can be icy, muddy, bone-dry and everything in between according to the season and the recent weather.  Expect to hike up an incline at some point on almost every trail, and have your balance tested when trying to avoid muddy patches or making difficult crossings.   You’ll want to wear sturdy waterproof footwear, pack a first aid kit and basic survival gear you should have on all wilderness trips.  Bugs are worst in Spring & early Summer and ticks exist throughout Nova Scotia for much of the year, so bring your favourite form of bug defence.

     Whether it’s a swim in the lifeguard monitored beach, a paddle on Kearney Lake, or a hiking adventure through the un-spoiled backwoods, this area has a lot to offer.  Plans to make it more orderly, safe and accessible are on the back burner while government entities work to purchase and protect the required land.  Boasting what would be North America’s largest urban wilderness park with aspects akin to Kejimkujik National Park would be great for Halifax’s resume and there are people committed to making it happen.  To contribute to the protection of this area, and the creation of the Blue Mountain-Birch Cove Lakes Wilderness Park, support the work of volunteers with the Friends Of Blue Mountain-Birch Cove Lakes.

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Blue Mountain-Birch Cove Lakes Habitat:

American Beech | Sugar Maple | Blue-Headed Vireo | more

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#Backcountry  #BlueMountain-BirchCove  #Dog-Friendly  #Hiking  #Lake  #Swimming

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