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Nova Scotia Hiking, Biking, Paddling & Camping Guides: How ToClick the MAP tab at the top of every page to browse by location.  Browse by Category or #Tag (above), each will have its own corresponding map of destinations. At the bottom of every page are more “Browse” & “Search” tools.  Click here to read my full “how-to” guide to make the most of all the free resources I have to offer.


     I offer these maps, guides & virtual tours free of charge to help everyone explore our great outdoors.  In return, I ask 3 things: 1) Pack out everything you take in, plus any litter you can safely pick up. 2) Don’t set down used dog poop bags only to forget them on your way out, & assume there won’t be any garbage cans at all.  Use an empty peanut butter jar for used poop bag storage & get a holder for your leash.  3) Please support volunteer groups who work on your favourite trails & support HalifaxTrails.ca so I can keep this project going.

Martinique Beach Provincial Park


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