Bayers Lake Mystery Walls

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Bayers Lake Mystery Walls – 5 Sided Foundation 360°Bayers Lake Mystery Walls Halifax Nova Scotia map heritage site building

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Difficulty: Moderate-Difficult (Terrain).

Setting: Urban forest.

Facilities: None.

Signage: “Nova Scotia Special Places Act” signs.

The Bayers Lake Mystery Walls

     The mystery walls of Bayers Lake, are just that; a mystery.  Educated guesses say they were likely built during the early settlement of Halifax, in the late 1700s or early 1800s.

     Plausible theories regarding their origins include; a defensive structure for the back end of Halifax, a military supply depot, a training ground for the siege of Fortress Louisbourg, or most recently; a sheep pen.  Since every theory has proven inconclusive, it’s still open to the possibility that it was built by aliens to house the holy grail.  For now, its origins are limited to your own imagination.


Bayers Lake Mystery Walls Halifax Nova Scotia map heritage site building     When you visit, you’ll see for yourself that the area is a high viewpoint of the surrounding area.  When you look around and explore further you’re sure to ponder your own theories.  You’ll first see the foundation of an oddly shaped 5 sided structure.  Further down you come to the roughly 3 foot high walls which stretch for about 200m.  Higher up you’ll see some natural stone high points and large boulders.  A stone staircase is built at the foot of one such area.

    All you need to do is stand on one of the large rocks to take in the view and you’ll see why it is an important location.  Then you’ll be confronted with more questions; who, what, when and why? Oddly, there are no records of this large emplacement in any historical records. Local Interest Books.

    Everyone loves a good mystery, and this is no exception.  The location couldn’t be more inconspicuous.  Most people in Halifax have driven by it and been oblivious to its existence.  It was only discovered in the 1980s when development in the area took place.

A Special Place

It has never been marketed to urban explorers, and possibly for good reason.  It is protected by the Nova Scotia Special Places Act.  Recent disgraceful vandalism is a reason as to why this area is kept relatively unknown. Walking on the walls, or disturbing them in any way is strictly prohibited!  The area is now being monitored with various trail cameras.

Listen to The Night Time Podcast‘s in-depth discussion of the mystery walls.

  Bayers Lake Mystery Walls Habitat:

Pileated Woodpecker | American Crow | Ironstone | …more


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