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Updated Virtual Tour: Kejimkujik National Park.

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Backcountry Hiking Trails Near Halifax, Nova Scotia

Maps, Directions & Virtual Tours How-To Guide

1) Browse the Map tab at the top of every page.  2) In the top  MENU browse by Category or #Tag.  Each category & tag will have its own corresponding map. 3) At the bottom of every page are more “Browse”, “List” & “Search” tools.Nova Scotia Hiking Trail & Adventure Maps

•Each adventure guide is personally crafted with custom maps, videos, photos, and 360° views.  My goal is to equip you with all the tools and information you need to plan & explore each location yourself.

• doesn’t rely on unverified crowdsourcing.  I record GPS coordinates firsthand to create accurate, custom-detailed maps & guides.  These maps are intended for use on your phone’s Google Maps App (iPhone & Android).  Click this graphic for a basic overview.  Disclaimer:  Never rely solely on your phone for navigation & always carry a compass, printed map, extra battery, safety gear & tell someone your plans.360° hiking trail maps

See this graphic on how to see 360° Virtual Views of specific locations on each map.  For an extra-immersive virtual tour, use an inexpensive virtual reality smartphone headset.  Simply click the eye-goggle icon in any 360° photo, or video to view it 360° virtual reality.

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