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Halifax Trails Maps

     I personally craft each Nova Scotia adventure guide with maps, videos, photos, and 360° views.  My guides include hiking trails, paddling routes, camping destinations, parks & wilderness areas.

     I record GPS coordinates on all of my outings to create reliable, detailed maps for each location.  These maps are intended for use on your phone’s Google Maps App (iPhone & Android).  Click the graphic for a basic overview.

     Disclaimer:  Never rely solely on your phone for navigation & always carry a compass, printed map, extra battery & tell someone your plans.

how to view 360 photos on google maps

     360° Views: See how to view various points of interest on the map in full 360° in this graphic.  I take 360° photos of each point of interest with links in each guide and map.

     You may need to download the Google Street View App to view  360° photo links on some iPhones.  Other platforms should load the 360° photos on their own (feel free to let me know of any issues).

Upload & Share Your GPS Tracks.

Share your favourite trails by uploading CSV, XLSX, KML or GPX file formats directly to my custom Google Map.

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