Flowing Waters Hiking Trail – Kejimkujik National Park

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📱 Trail Map

Flowing Waters Hiking Trail Photos | GPS Files

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Difficulty: Easy.

Setting: Forest, River, Wetlands.

Facilities:  Parking, Bike Rack, Picnic Table.

Signage: Interpretive panels, minimal signage.

  • 1km loop (40mins).

  • No bikes allowed.

  • Follows along picturesque Mersey River.

Flowing Waters Hiking Trail – Keji

     As a 1km loop, Flowing Waters hiking trail in Kejimkujik National Park is inviting to people of any ability.  The trail, however, is not wheelchair accessible or stroller friendly and bikes are prohibited.  Access is off of Big Dam Road, which is closed November – April.

     It’s a great trail to introduce young children to nature trail hiking due to the short length and no shortage of places to stop along the river to spot frogs or other wildlife.

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     The trail starts out following along the meandering Mersey River.  It can be quite shallow in late summer or during dry periods. About halfway through the loop is a bench which is a great place to stop, relax and explore the river.

     Continuing on, the vegetation lined trail narrows as it cuts through forested land towards a bog, complete with bridges recently constructed to help facilitate the passage of brook trout and other aquatic life.  An interpretive panel explains the details of the construction and how traditional culverts can be detrimental to the health of watersheds.

     Though the trail only takes around 40 minutes to complete, you can spend a lot more time than that relaxing on the bench or exploring the riverbank.  Keep an eye out for turtles, beavers, fish and other wildlife that abound here.

     Though bikes aren’t allowed on the trail, there is a bike rack at the trailhead so you can safely lock your bike and incorporate this trail into a larger biking trip to/from Big Dam Lake or other areas of the park.  As with many places in the park, it’s better to be safe than sorry for bringing bug spray and a tick remover.

Flowing Waters Trail Habitat:

Brook Trout | American Crow | Green Frog

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