Indian Lake Trail

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Difficulty: Moderate (Terrain/Hills).

Facilities: None.

Signage: None.

Biodiversity: River Otter | Lake Trout | American Robin

Categories: #Lake #Mountain-Biking

  • Not Marked or Maintained.
  • Linear ATV trail.
  • Good for off-road biking and fishing.
  • Access To Big Indian Lake.

Indian Lake Trail Videos

Indian lake

     Off of Prospect Road, just past Exhibition Park, lies an inconspicuous little ATV path.  The entrance is not marked in any way and it would be easy to pass by.

     Once you have identified the entrance, it is a straight route directly to Big Indian Lake.  The trail is an ATV path that can be muddy during wet weather but was perfectly fine when I visited last. I had to make one detour around a significant puddle but other than that it was a fun jaunt through the woods on my mountain bike.

     The trail isn’t very long (about 30 minutes one way), but it can be challenging due to the moderate hills, which seem to be equal parts up and down.

See Also:  Blue Mountain-Birch Cove Lakes: Kearney Lake Trails

     The endpoint of the trail takes you onto the shore of Big Indian Lake, and you have a great view of the entire lake.  I spent quite a bit of time exploring the lake and taking in the view.

     The trail is nearby Long Lake Provincial Park and the extensive Old St. Margaret’s Bay Road which is now a 23km stretch of trail suitable for hiking (can be flooded and overgrown in certain sections).  View my Old St. Margaret’s Bay Roadmap here and an in-depth guide by the Five Bridges Wilderness Heritage Trust here.

     The round trip to Big Indian Lake and back took me just under an hour so this is a great spot for some quick exploring.

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