Halifax Mainland Common Park

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Difficulty: Easy

Setting: Woods, wetland bog, dog park, active transportation trail.

Facilities: Parking, porta potty, dog bags, garbage cans, off-leash dog park.

Signage: Interpretive panels, map, and other signage.

     The Halifax Mainland Common is full of recreation options.  Baseball fields, soccer fields, the Canada Games Centre and the BMO Soccer Centreaccompany the walking trails, off-leash dog park and Mainland North Linear Parkway.  The nearly completed Lacewood bus terminal provides easy bus access to the area.  Whether you’re going for a nature walk, playing sports, or heading out with the dog, there’s plenty of things to do at the Common.

     The Common Park consists of 2 off-leash fields for dogs to run around.  The upper one is for large dogs and the lower field for small dogs.  Both are equipped with everything you need including a sheltered area, bag dispensers, garbage cans, benches and fresh water dispensing barrels.  Adjacent to the fields is a fenced wooded trail area for off-leash walking.  The entire area is very well designed and is the city’s best public dog park thanks to a design process that involved an engaged public.

     Across from the dog park are the nature trails.  The unique bog habitat is a haven for many different types of plants and birds.  The walking trails are very well constructed, mapped and maintained thanks to the Halifax Northwest Trails Association (Donate!).  The main loop connects directly to the Mainland North Linear Parkway, so you could easily add it to your biking or jogging route.  The soft, mulch-covered trails are easy on the feet and pleasing to the eye.  Along the trail are a few well-constructed food bridges and boardwalks including a fantastic look-off at the edge of the pitcher plant packed bog.

     The main loop takes under an hour to walk and also connects to Main Avenue in Fairview, and the previously mentioned Mainland North Linear Parkway.  No matter what kind of outing you’re looking for, the Mainland Common accommodates just about all of them, without the need for a car.

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