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     Thanks for your interest in supporting the work I do on HalifaxTrails.ca.  The site is funded solely by these methods.  Three ways to contribute to the continuing maintenance, expansion, and improvement of HalifaxTrails.ca are listed below:

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     Clicking on ads throughout the site helps pay for the yearly web hosting fees.  At a rate of pennies per click, it’s not much but it’s what pays that bill.  (With enough regular contributions, I’d gladly get rid of the ads).

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     Contributing any amount.  I don’t have any outside government or corporate funding, so contributions from appreciative supporters are what I rely on.  Help fund the continued work of improving, expanding, updating and maintaining the site.   Supporters names are displayed under the “Supporters” heading on HalifaxTrails.ca.  Feel free to include a link or special instructions for your “Supporters” listing, or contact me with the info. Contribute To Halifax Trails


     Support HalifaxTrails.ca by doing your Amazon shopping through this link (bookmark it) 🙂.  I receive a small commission on all Amazon purchases through their affiliate program via that link.  A very easy way to support HalifaxTrails.ca for those of you who do a lot of Amazon shopping.  Get family and friends to do the same and this could quickly become the #1 way to fund the site.Amazon

     You can also visit my online shop.  It’s a curated mix of products I’ve researched and recommend for various outdoor activities.  The shop has lots of great gear, unique local photography, and books with a Nova Scotian focus.  Again, I receive a small commission (10-15%) on all Amazon product purchases.  shop


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