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1) Steve Morley

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3)Willy’s Freshcut Fries & Burgers.

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2019 To Date: Olimometer 2.52

Special Thanks

People, Organizations, & Businesses Who Have Helped Me Along The Way:

The Sackville Rivers Association

     Walter Regan is a wealth of knowledge and long been doing important, constructive work to benefit both the environment and the citizens of Halifax.  I was privileged to sit down with Mr. Regan to learn about the many factors at play with regards to the state of nature protection in our city.  A consistent “re-tweeter” of my Halifax Trails Twitter posts.

Friends of Blue Mountain-Birch Cove Lakes Society

     Doing great work to try to create North America’s largest urban wilderness park.  I’ve had informative discussions with board members including Richard Vinson and Mark Young.  Mark has a great YouTube channel and has been a supporter of my YouTube channel.

Willy’s Freshcut Fries & Burgers

     You haven’t truly experienced downtown Halifax if you didn’t stop at Willy’s.  Consistently voted the #1 poutine in the city.  A friend, good samaritan and supporter of everything I do.

     Thanks to all of you who “follow”, subscribe, “like”, share, re-tweet, and comment.  Besides motivating me, your actions directly help to expand my reach.  I genuinely appreciate all of it!