Herring Cove Provincial Park Reserve

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Tags: #Coastal  #Hiking-Short  #Lookoff  #Nature-Reserve  #Park

Difficulty: Moderate (rugged coastal terrain).

Setting: Coastline.

Facilities: Parking, Bench, Garbage Cans.

Signage: NoneA

  • A great photography excursion not far from downtown Halifax.

  • Short, rugged #coastal hike with fantastic views.

  • No signs, maps or info.

     Herring Cove Provincial Park reserve begins from an unassuming pull-off area on the side of John Brackett Drive ( which is an extension of Purcells Cove Road).

     A summer drive down the Herring Cove road is an enjoyable experience in itself, and the parking area, directly off of John Brackett Drive is an ideal spot to pull over and take in the view.   This area is actually designated a provincial park reserve, meaning it is protected, but not yet fully designated as a provincial park.  Hopefully funding for this and other #parks in the province improve so places like this can be properly protected while being able to accommodate the many visitors.

  The hiking trail begins as a pathway through some trees and brush, but for the most part, follows along the rocky coastline. The area allows you to choose any path you like along the rocks.  From the parking lot to the high point with the best view is a 1.5km return trip so it’s easily done in 45 minutes.  The terrain is uneven and rugged.  It can be soft and mushy in certain areas so waterproof hikers with good ankle support are the optimal footwear.

     The coastal views here are as good as anywhere in the province.  It is a typical coastal barrens landscape, similar to Peggy’s Cove or Duncan’s Cove. Sitting on the rocks, watching the crashing waves, while the shipping traffic from the mouth of Halifax harbour depart or arrive from their ocean journeys are great ways to spend the day.

    There are no signs or markings, but the pathways are quite easy to follow, as it just hugs the coastline.  As with any coastal hike, be prepared for higher winds and lower temperatures than they are elsewhere.

     This is a great place to take in some fantastic coastal views with minimal travel and hiking time.  It’s my go-to place for a quick coastal getaway from the city.

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#Coastal  #Hiking-Short  #Lookoff  #Nature-Reserve #Park

Nature: Ericaceae | Wintergreen | Coastal Barrens


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6 comments on “Herring Cove Provincial Park Reserve

  • I keep to the shore best as possible I just don’t want to get shot by a wild man, cause I take the buss out there

  • Hello I am writing about the no trespassing signs at the end Of the hike, isn’t this a park and not private property?

    • It is a park, but it is bounded by private property. The only entrance/exit is via the parking area on John Brackett Drive. I have the end of the trail marked on the map. “End” (marked by a red ! icon) is the point where it goes from public to private land (Google doesn’t have the boundaries properly marked). Locals have been very upset with people ending up in their backyards, so I assume those signs are an attempt to prevent that from continuing.

    • i own the property next to the park .the no trespassing signs are the result of way to many people using my property ,making fires and drinking ,littering etc.
      Enough is enough,we have no privacy.I will call police.

    • I keep to the trail and appreciate it’s beauty I keep to the shore as best as possible but do understand your motivation anyway good to know

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