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Difficulty: Moderate-Difficult (Terrain/Distance).

Setting: Coastal barrens.

Facilities: Minimal parking.

Signage: None.

  • A unique perspective of Peggy’s Cove.

  • One of the most scenic #coastal hiking trails in Halifax.

  • A large, open area with many footpaths.

     Polly’s Cove is situated 2km away from the entrance to world-famous Peggy’s Cove, or just after West Dover on the left side of the road if coming from Halifax.  It is easy to miss, since there are no signs, and there is only a gravel parking area big enough for a few cars.  The only indication of the trailhead may be the other cars already parked there.  If that parking area is full, there is another one a little further down the road on the opposite side (see the trail map).

A Hidden Gem

Polly's Cove Hiking Trail Halifax Nova Scotia

Most people head out to this way only visit Peggy’s Cove, but I also recommend visiting the solemnly beautiful Swissair disaster memorial, as well as the Polly’s Cove area for an all-encompassing experience.  From Polly’s Cove, you have plenty of room to explore, while also getting great expansive coastal views.  You also get a unique perspective on the village of Peggy’s Cove.

     Polly’s Cove is much less well known than Peggy’s Cove, so it’s not crowded with tourists and has lots of space to quietly enjoy the unique landscape.   It’s a great area to explore by rock scampering, but take care not to venture off-trail and disrupt the fragile coastal barrens eco-system. Portions of the trails can be soggy, narrow and lined with prickly brush so waterproof hiking boots, gaiters and/pants or high socks are recommended.


     While the trails are not difficult, they may not be for the inexperienced hiker as they are unmarked, and can turn into a bit of a maze.  It’s a good idea to periodically stop to plan your route and avoid venturing into rough spots for your own sake and that of the delicate foliage.

     Some routes can involve climbing, uneven terrain, dangerously slippery rocks, and boggy areas.  Conditions can often be foggy and windy even compared to nearby areas.  As with most coastal areas, the temperature can fall rapidly, so packing an extra layer is always wise.  Be advised that it’s hard not to spend far more time than planned when visiting Polly’s Cove, feel free to bring a good booksitting pad and an insulated beverage.

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Polly’s Cove Habitat:

Coastal Barrens | Pitcher Plant | Monzogranite | …More

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