Gaff Point Hiking Trail

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Gaff Point Hiking Trail Hirtles Beach 360

Gaff Point Trail Map

#Beach  #Coastal  #Moderate  #Peninsula  #Lookoff  #Loop  #Nature-Reserve  #Swimming  #Waterfront

Difficulty: Moderate (Distance, Terrain).

Setting:  Sand Beach, Rugged Coastal Peninsula, Cliffs, Forest.

Facilities: Parking, Benches and Toilets.

Signage: Minimal & Adequate.

  • 8km return-trip, looped peninsula trail.

  • Huge 3km sand beach, one of the best in the province.

  • Scenic, rugged hiking, almost equal parts inland and coastal.

A Day Trip From Halifax

     Gaff Point hiking trail and Hirtles Beach is a 1h40min drive from downtown Halifax, 20-minutes from the scenic town of Lunenburg.  It is only 15 minutes from another popular outdoor activity destination: the Ovens Natural Park & Campground, a great place to camp if you’re looking to stay overnight in the area.

Stunning Scenery

Hirtles Beach Lunenburg Nova Scotia   As soon as you get out of the car at Hirtles Beach, you’ll be struck with the feeling you’re walking around inside of a painting.  Walking down the boardwalk with each plank inscribed with names of supporters, I entered onto the beach.  At low tide, the sand stretched for such a distance in all directions, that it was an immediate moment of awe.  It’s not often a place that you’ve been wanting to see for years actually lives up to its extremely high expectations, but Hirtles Beach and Gaff Point certainly did.  Much like Taylor Head Provincial Park, Gaff Point is full of astonishing coastal scenery.

A Day At The Beach+

Hirtles Beach Nova Scotia      The Gaff Point hike starts out on stunningly beautiful Hirtles Beach.  A 3km long, wide sandy beach.  Like Crystal Crescent, and Taylor Head Provincial Park, the beach can satisfy the entirety of your visit, or it can be the beginning and end to a hike that is worth every step.  Though the entire hike can be done in 2 hours, I highly recommend leaving plenty of extra time to enjoy the scenery.  Taking time to relax on the beach, post-hike is a must in Summer.  Any extra hour you can afford to spend here is an hour well spent.

Gaff Point Hiking Trail

     The Gaff Point hike starts out on stunningly beautiful Hirtles Beach.  A 3km long wide, sand beach.  You’ll hike 1.5km’s of it to reach the trailhead at Gaff Point, the peninsula visible in the distance.  As you stroll along the beach you may feel a little over-dressed, but the 4km peninsula trail is certainly not something you want to do in flip-flops.  Signs at the trailhead warn of ticks, so you’re well advised to take precautions and not hike in your beach attire.

     The trailhead is a bit easy to miss, as you have to take a sharp right off of the beach into the forested area, rather than continuing to the end of the beach (all marked on the trail map above).  Marked with a couple of information panels about the trail courtesy of the Nova Scotia Nature Trust, Nature Conservancy of Canada and Kingsburg Coastal Conservancy who are credited for protecting and sharing this gem with the public.  These organizations are worthy of your appreciative support.

Gaff Point Hiking Trail Lunenburg Nova Scotia    After 400m of the scenic forested trail, you’ll reach a clearing atop a sheer cliff on one side, and a small path leading to Grabble Cove on the other side.  On the Grabble Cove side are trails that lead to Sandy Cove, a secluded and somewhat difficult off-trail destination involving ropes and rock climbing, not marked on official maps (I didn’t visit it on this occasion, and caution is advised if you do).

     Continuing down the center, along the main trail for another 400m you’ll reach a split.  This is where you will choose to do the loop in a clockwise or counter-clockwise direction.  Clockwise will take you along the coast for the first half of the hike, counter-clockwise will be along the inland forested trail for the first half.  A decision that is entirely personal preference and weather dependent.  I was happy with my clockwise decision as the summer heat was at its peak while we hiked the coast, and cooled off as we entered the sheltered inland side of the trail.

     Further along the clockwise loop, you’ll reach a lookoff with a wooden platform look-off overlooking a very steep actively eroding cliff.  Exercise extreme caution near the edge, as it could crumble and give way at any moment.  A great place to stop for a break, we watched ocean kayakers exploring the peninsula from the water as we enjoyed a cold drink from my trusty Ice Mule Cooler.

    As you continue the hike, you’ll head out of the sheltered forested trail, onto rugged coastal sections.  Temperatures can dip and the wind can really pick up as you head toward the exposed tip of the peninsula (absolutely ideal on this hot summer day).  You’ll see wild West Ironbound Island and an abundance of sea birds and other ocean-going wildlife as you circle the tip of the peninsula.

Gaff Point Hiking Trail Lunenburg Nova Scotia

     The tip of the peninsula has considerably more surf and wind, as well as an abundance of scenery.  Near the middle of the point and halfway through the hike lies William F. Schwartz Memorial Point, dedicated in 2004 to former Chair of the National Board of the Nature Conservancy of Canada.  The memorial plaque is a fitting tribute to Mr. Schwartz, as is all of Gaff Point a tribute to everyone involved in its preservation.

     Finishing off the looped portion of the trail, after spending plenty of time checking out the scenic point, the trail heads back into the woods and becomes much more sheltered.  These wooded sections of the trail are often lined with old, weathered log pathways, that can give way to muddy patches.

Gaff Point Hiking Trail Lunenburg Nova Scotia      The inland trails are full of greenery along a procession of evergreens draped in old man’s beard, and plenty of places to ‘stop to smell the roses’.  Seemingly every time I stopped to take a photo, I noticed a Ladyslipper out of the corner of my eye, waiting for its closeup.  These endangered Nova Scotia wildflowers are rare (don’t touch, it’s the law!), so count yourself lucky to be able to have such an opportunity.  (Check out this mug I made of a Ladyslipper photo-op.  I heeded the advice on the mug: “Focus on the flowers, not the weeds.”)

     The looped trail continues through the sheltered woodlands until you complete the loop and retrace the trail back to the beach.  At this point I was thankful I left plenty of time to relax on the beach in 5-star comfort with my new Pouch Couch and the contents of the cooler I had waiting in the car.  I thoroughly enjoyed bathing in a warm sunset before heading back to Halifax for the night.

Coastal Fulfillment

     Gaff Point trail was one of the most fulfilling hikes I’ve done in Nova Scotia.  Blessed with great Summer weather, it was easily done with no worries.  In colder weather, you’re wise to layer up your clothing to adjust to rapidly changing coastal conditions.  The hike does require basic preparation to ensure you stay safe and comfortable.  Getting lost isn’t a concern if you stick to the trail, but the sheer cliffs and rocky coastline have plenty of dangers.  Avoiding edges, being mindful of your footing, and keeping a safe distance from the water are rules of thumb.  Properly prepare for this day-trip from Halifax and you’ll enjoy one of the most memorable, photo-rich, soul-restoring outings Nova Scotia has to offer.

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Gaff Point Habitat:

Ladyslipper | Great Cormorant | Black Crowberry | …more

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