Shubie Park

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Difficulty: Easy – Moderate (distance).

Setting: Lakes, historic canal, rivers, wooded trails.

Facilities: Visitor’s centre, Boat Rentals, Campground, Benches, Bathrooms.

Signage: Interpretive panels and trail signage throughout.

     Shubie Park has long been the Jewel of Dartmouth. Much the same as Point Pleasant Park is to peninsular Halifax.  The big difference is that Shubie park has more to offer.

     One of the big offerings is that Shubie features a fully serviced campground.  The main difference between Shubie and other camping opportunities, this is the only campground in Halifax city limits. It features 72 serviced sites including 1 yurt.  It features everything you would expect from a full-service campground, including a playground, tennis court, showers, laundry and WiFi.

 Canoe/Kayak rentals are available from May-October, with the boat launch area being very close to the main parking lot.  In 2018 Halifax City Recreation began a program of free bike rentals, helping make it a great place to explore by bike.  Shubie Beach is one of the city’s supervised for July and August.

     Other amenities include the Fairbanks Centre, which hosts lots of informative information about the historic canal and is host to different events and meetings.   The Lockside Café is also a great spot to stop for some refreshments.

     The park is a heavily forested greenway which is bounded by Lake Charles to the north and Lake MicMac to the south.  Part of the historic Shubenacadie Canal passes through the park.  The history of the canal plays a huge role in the park, and in the interpretive trails.  Along the trails are regularly spaced interpretive panels discussing the importance of each area in the building and functioning of the canal system.

     The beauty of the park is almost matched by the historic importance of the area for transportation dating as far back as 4000 years ago by the Mi’kmaq people.  The interpretive trail focuses on the ambitious construction project which got underway in 1826.   The park is one of many local parks and trails with a story to tell.  A fantastic nature walk with a fascinating history lesson and evidence of it’s past throughout.

     The trail system is extensive and not always well marked, but there are plenty of maps and different routes to take you to the same place.  Getting lost is difficult, but also enjoyable.  The main trailway connects on to the “The Great Trail” connecting Canada from coast to coast.

     Everywhere you go you are bound to see ducks, squirrels and other animals who are obviously very used to humans and will gladly approach you in hopes of a treat.  The park is a great place for practicing your photography skills, sitting quietly with a book, or any number of activities you would want to do to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

     Shubie Park is the best all-purpose park in the HRM and truly does offer something for everyone.

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