Peggy’s Cove

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Difficulty: Moderate (Terrain).

Setting:  Granite Coastal Barrens.

Facilities:  Parking, Visitor Centre, Benches, RestaurantsGallery/Museum.

Signage: Interpretive panels, signage, and maps.

  • Some of the best scenery in Nova Scotia

  • Tourism focused shops and facilities.

  • Popular biking route destination.

     Undoubtedly the symbol of Nova Scotia is the lighthouse at Peggy’s Cove.  It appears in every tourism campaign and is photographed more than anywhere else in Nova Scotia, if not Canada.   It’s very difficult to take a bad photo of Peggy’s Cove.

    The journey to Peggy’s Cove in itself is an experience and a good set-up.  Nova Scotia’s quaint coastal beauty is on full display.  Whether on a bike, motorcycle, or a car with the windows down, sunroof open or top down, the fresh ocean air helps contribute to one of the most refreshing commuting experiences on the plant.

     The village of Peggy’s Cove is a fully functional fishing village.  The scenes here haven’t changed for many decades, adding to the authentic charm.  When you first arrive you are greeted by the William deGarthe carvings, which represent the rich history of the area. It’s easy to see how art became a large part of the culture here.

     Hiking in the area can be easy or difficult depending on how far you venture on the large granite outcrops.  You can follow your own path as you scamper along the huge boulders and use the lighthouse as your point of reference.  Proper footwear is highly recommended.     There are plenty of warning signs about staying a safe distance away from the surf, for good reason. There are almost yearly incidents of someone getting swept away.  This beautiful area doesn’t need to be the site of more tragedy so please be cautious.

    Be sure to check out adjacent Polly’s Cove hiking area for a different perspective on Peggy’s Cove.  Also worth a visit is the nearby Swissair Flight 111 Memorial, one of the most solemnly beautiful memorials in the world.

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