Peggy’s Cove

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Peggy's Cove lighthouse Halifax Nova Scotia directions

Peggy’s Cove Map


 #Coastal  #Historic-Site  #Lighthouse  #Peninsula

Maps & Resources – How To.

Difficulty: Moderate (Terrain).

Setting:  Granite Coastal Barrens, Lighthouse, Fishing Village.

Facilities:  Parking, Peggy’s Cove Visitor Centre, Benches, Restaurants, Gallery/Museum (Open May-Oct).

Signage: Interpretive panels, signage, and maps.

  • Some of the best scenery in Nova Scotia
  • Tourism focused shops and facilities.

  • Popular biking route destination.

Iconic Peggy’s Cove Lighthouse

     Undoubtedly the symbol of Nova Scotia is the Peggy’s Cove lighthouse.  It appears in every tourism campaign and is photographed more than anywhere else in Nova Scotia, if not Canada.  Lighting the way since 1868, it’s now a beacon for cameras.  It’s very difficult to take a bad photo of Peggy’s Cove, making it a great place to start getting into outdoor photography.

Traditional Halifax Sunday Drive

    The journey to Peggy’s Cove in itself is an experience.  A scenic drive through coastal communities along St. Margaret’s Bay and Prospect, Nova Scotia’s coastal beauty is on full display.  Whether on a bike, motorcycle, or car with windows down, sunroof open or top-down, it’s an attention-demanding narrow, winding road full of quaint Nova Scotia.

Peggy's cove lighthouse halifax nova scotia photos directions

Authentically Beautiful Peggy’s Cove

     Peggy’s Cove is a fully functional fishing village to this day, as it has been since the early 1800s.  The scenery here has remained largely unchanged over the centuries, adding to its authentic charm.  When you first arrive you are greeted by the William deGarthe carvings, which represent the rich history of the area.  It’s easy to see how life inspired art in this fishing village. Deals On The Best Nova Scotia Guide Books.

More To Explore

     There are plenty of other destinations to explore apart from the lighthouse.  You can (cautiously) scamper along the boulders to find that praiseworthy photo, stroll the quaint fishing village, view the DeGarthe Memorial Monument, shop, eat, drink or have your questions answered at the visitor information centre.  All well-within walking distance.

Hiking Shoes & Ocean Views

     Proper outdoor footwear is highly recommended, as is an abundance of caution near the water.  There are plenty of warning signs about staying a safe distance from the surf, for good reason.  There are almost yearly incidents of someone getting injured or swept away.  This beautiful area doesn’t need to be the site of any more tragedies, so please be cautious and heed the warnings.

     Peggy’s Cove itself isn’t exactly a #hiking destination, so if you’re looking to get out for a proper hike, check out adjacent Polly’s Cove hiking area for equally spectacular views and a different perspective of Peggy’s Cove.  What Are These Rocks & How Did They Get Here? Answer: Geology Of Nova Scotia: Field Guide.

Solemn Beauty

     Also worth a visit is the nearby memorial for Swissair Flight 111, one of the most solemnly beautiful memorials in the world.  A locally crafted granite memorial dedicated to 229 lost loved ones.  Alongside the memorial is a tribute to those involved in the rescue and recovery mission spearheaded by locals.

Peggy’s Cove Habitat:

Leatherback Turtle | Right Whale | Aplite Granite | …more


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  #Coastal  #Historic-Site  #Lighthouse  #Peninsula

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