Sir Sandford Fleming Park

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#Beach  #Bus-Access  #Historic-Site  #Paddling  #Park  #Picnic  #Playground  #Pond  #Swimming

Difficulty: Easy.

Setting: Forest, Pond, Waterfront, Beach, Historic Landmark.

Facilities: Parking, Bathrooms, Playground, Picnic Areas, Public Wharf & Boat Launch.

Signage: Excellent – Interpretive panels and other posted info.

  • Large, scenic, popular destination.

  • Great views from (and of) the Dingle Tower. (Open: May-Nov. 9am-3pm daily)

  • Dog-friendly, family friendly.

A Gift From Father Time

     Located off of the Purcells Cove road, Sir Sandford Fleming Park encompasses grounds formerly owned by Sir Sandford Fleming, otherwise known as the creator of universal standard time.  Fleming donated the land and the Dingle Tower monument to the city in the 1880’s.

     The park’s 95 acres is enough for a quick bike or jog, or a long stroll.  The view’s of Halifax’s Northwest Arm are the best in the city.  It is definitely worthwhile to go into the Dingle tower as it is a great monument and the views from the top are phenomenal.  The tower was designated a national historic site in 2009. 

Easily Accessible

sir sandford fleming park halifax nova scotia photos     The crusher dust paths are very well maintained. They run throughout the park and connect an area known as the Frog Pond to the Northwest Arm and the Dingle Tower.  The frog pond loop is an easy 1.3km and others are the same distance or less. Various trail maps and markers show you the way.

     In addition to the wooded trails, a scenic waterfront boardwalk lines the shoreline of the park.  You can make the walk from the Frog Pond Parking lot to the waterfront and back in less than an hour.

A Popular Gathering Spot

     The park is very popular, especially those looking for some great backdrops for their wedding photos.  It is easy to see why it has long been a popular destination, there might not be a better spot in the city in the springtime especially.

     There are plenty of good facilities here, such as a playground for the kids, plenty of picnic areas, beaches, wharves, and walking trails.  A public boat launch area provides great access to the Northwest Arm. 

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Local Habitat: Eastern Hemlock | Mallard Duck | Leopard Frog

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#Beach  #Bus-Access  #Historic-Site  #Paddling  #Park  #Picnic  #Playground  #Pond  #Swimming

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