Sir Sandford Fleming Park

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Fleming Park Info:

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Sir Sandford Fleming Park

sir sandford fleming park halifax nova scotia photos dingle beach swimming playground frog pond     Located off of the Purcells Cove Road, Sir Sandford Fleming Park encompasses grounds formerly owned by Sir Sandford Fleming, otherwise known as the creator of universal standard time.  Fleming donated the land and the Dingle Tower monument to the city in the 1880s.

     The park’s 95 acres is enough for a quick bike or jog, or a long stroll.  The views of Halifax’s Northwest Arm are the best in the city.  It is definitely worthwhile to go into the Dingle tower as it is a great monument and the views from the top are phenomenal.

     The steep climb, complete with a couple of spiral staircases may not be for people afraid of heights but it’s well worth the effort.  The tower was designated a national #historic-site in 2009.

The Frog Pond

     The crusher dust paths are very well maintained. They run throughout the park and connect an area known as the Frog Pond to the Northwest Arm and the Dingle Tower.  The frog pond loop is an easy 1.3km around a large pond, with trail connections to the Dingle Tower & Northwest Arm.

     There are numerous benches to sit on, as well as peaceful nooks by the pond.  Various trail maps and markers guide your way whether you are doing a loop or carrying on towards the Northwest Arm.

     The frog pond is a haven for ducks, frogs, turtles and waterfowl alike, making it a great place for #Bird-Watching.  The viewing area off of Purcell’s Cove Road makes a good spot to stop.  This area can also be used for paddling in summer or to strap on your skates in winter.

     Looking for a fun, outdoor adventure to complete with family and friends at the Frog Pond? Try “The Black Duck Mystery” to learn the secrets of the black duck’s survival in the winter.  The step-by-step instructions for this 1.4 km (return) trail adventure can be downloaded at  The approximate time to complete the adventure is 2 hours, 15 minutes.

Accessible Walking Trails

    fleming park halifax nova scotia dingle frog pond trail map A scenic flat, paved waterfront boardwalk lines the shoreline of the park stretching roughly one kilometer from the boat launch area downward toward the rotary.  With plenty of shoreline to stroll, you can always find a quiet spot to take in Halifax’s storied Northwest Arm with photo-friendly views of the “Dingle” Memorial Tower.

   Besides a waterfront stroll, you can also enjoy a few kilometers of nature trails that connect the Frog Pond to the waterfront area.  You can make the walk from the Frog Pond Parking lot through its nature trails to the waterfront and back to the frog pond parking area in less than an hour.

     An inland 900m looped walking trail off of Dingle Road is a great place for an easy stroll (30 minutes at a leisurely pace with small children).  Some huge old-growth trees, dating back to Sir Sandford Fleming’s time can be seen along the trail.

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Beaches, Playgrounds, Picnics & Paddling

     There are plenty of good facilities here, such as an all-natural playground for the kids, covered picnic areas, beaches, wharves, and walking trails.  A public boat launch provides great access to the Northwest Arm.

     The scenic Northwest Arm is a top-notch #paddling location, where you can safely go as far as Point Pleasant Park or on to Halifax Harbour.  In the late Fall, the Northwest Arm is occasionally host to some mind-blowing bioluminescence, making for a magical paddling adventure.

     If you’re paddling on the NorthWest Arm with children and looking for a fun side-activity, try “Nature Pirates” to master the life of a nature pirate and find the treasures hidden along the way.  The step-by-step instructions for this 4 km (return) paddling adventure and a route map can be downloaded at  The approximate time to complete the adventure is 2 hours, 30 minutes.

Fleming Park Photos

A Popular NorthWest Arm View

     The park is a #family-friendly favourite as it offers something for everyone in an easily accessible package.  Its popularity lies in its peaceful, iconic scenery, making it a great backdrop for their wedding photos, especially in late Spring when fresh blooms abound.  A large covered gazebo with views of the Northwest Arm makes it a popular spot for wedding photos and weddings alike.  Contact the city to make arrangements.

     Fleming Park has long been one of the region’s most venerated #parks, its stone tower an enduring icon for the city.  To get a feel for the true heart of any place, visit its most popular parks.  Sir Sandford Fleming park will give you just such a feel for Halifax.

Nature & Biodiversity

Click the links below to learn more about local flora and fauna you can expect to see in Sir Sandford Fleming Park. For a full list of local observations on iNaturalist, click here. Local Books | Gear  | On Sale

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