B.L.T. Trail

Trail Summary

· Well marked and maintained.

· Part of a province wide rail trail.

· Connects to Bluff Hiking Trail and Chain Of Lakes.

· Access to highway throughout.

  The Beechville-Lakeside-Timberlea or “B.L.T. Trail” is a 13km converted rail trail which starts adjacent to the old Coke plant in Lakeside where there is a parking lot specifically for the trail. 


  The most popular activity on the trail is biking. Biking from one end to the other can be done in approximately 1 hour.


   The trail has 3 main sections.  Blue Jay Way, Six Mile Falls, Fraser Mill Walk and Cranberry Run.  Blue Jay way is a 1.75 km stretch which follows along Governor Lake.  There are benches beside the lake for you to take in the view.


  Six Mile falls follows along a brook which eventually leads to a small waterfall section.  This section also leads over to an area where you can cross the brook and over into an area with coffee and refreshments.   The end of the Six Mile Falls section is marked by the old rail bridge that you will cross. 


  The Fraser Mill Walk section comes after you cross the highway and a nearby convenience store is a last chance to re-fuel.  The area is marked by a pond which used to run Halifax’s last water powered saw mill.         


  Cranberry run is a section more secluded than the rest.  It also connects on to the Bluff Trail which is a great area for hiking.  Crossing another 2 bridges marks the end of the B.L.T trail and the beginning of the St. Margarets Bay Trail.


  The B.L.T. Trail offers more scenic sections than the Chain of Lakes Trail, at the expense of not being paved.  It is also more accommodating to rest stops and just taking in the views of nature.  Make sure you plan ahead just how far you’d like to travel and by what method (biking is the most efficient). 


  The B.L.T. Trail can be great by itself, or as part of a longer journey from the Chain of Lakes Trail, St. Margarets Bay Trail, and beyond.  Some areas can be full of mosquitos so be sure to come prepared for that also.  There is nothing worse than settling down in a great spot to eat your lunch while being attacked by a swarm.


  Recommended Reading: “Biking To Blissville: A Cycling Guide To The Maritimes And Magdalen Islands”.

Iconic Waterfall Rest Area

Difficulty: Moderate-Difficult (distance).

Setting: Forest, Lakes, Streams, Waterfall.

Facilities: Parking, benches.

Interpretation/Signage: Good.

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Beechville Lakeside Timberlea Trail
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