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Kejimkujik National Park

Trail Summary

Kejimkujik National Park, is one of two in the province. It is very popular with campers, hikers, bikers, canoers, and kayakers.  The park is an ideal destination for all things outdoors. 


The park is extremely large and its many rivers and lakes provide an ideal place to explore by foot, bike, or boat. 


I started my last visit by going to the visitor center and talking to them about the kind of adventure we were looking to get into.  A difficult, back country camping excursion, which included a long distance paddle, to a remote destination, and included some fishing.  They were more than happy to help.  They plotted our course for us and we ended up having one of the best camping trips ever. I would highly recommend talking to the friendly visitor center staff and getting their recommendations. 


Whether you’re just looking for a day trip or a week long excursion, you can do it all here.  The park is well mapped out, and trails are marked and very well maintained.


“Keji”  is the best preserved nature the province has to offer, and as such you are sure you see lots of plants and animals you’ve never seen anywhere else.  It’s recent designation as a “dark sky preserve” also goes to show how cherished this land is. 


All in all, you can’t go wrong in Kejimkujik National Park.


Nature, how it ‘s supposed to be

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More Info

Difficulty: Medium  - Difficult (Distance)

Setting: Forest, Lakes, Rivers

Facilities: Parking, canoe rental, washrooms, food, visitor center.

Interpretation/Signage: Very Good

· Province’s top camping destination.

· Plenty of amenities, including canoe/kayak rentals.

· Untouched and heavily protected, means nature at its best.

· Can accommodate adventures large and small.

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