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Halifax Instagram Spots: Epic Nature Areas

That meal probably tasted better than it looked, and no one really cares about your 50th pet photo this month.  It’s time to add some #epics to your feed! 

     Halifax Instagram spots to add some epics to your feed.  That amazing meal probably tasted better than it looked on your Instagram, and no one really cares about your 50th cat pic this month.  It’s time to freshen up your feed! 

     Luckily Nova Scotia is full of amazing, Instagram-friendly spots.  Besides the well-known Peggy’s Cove Lighthouse (every Nova Scotian is required to have at least one pic of it on their social media), I’ve found lots of gems on my hiking journeys that are much lesser-known, but just as full of ♥ producing awesomeness.

    You don’t need big bulky equipment to get high-quality photos these days.  Gear up with a simple phone camera lens kit for wide-angle landscapes and artistic macro shots.  Bring a, selfie stick and star in some #epic posts.  Don’t forget to use #HalifaxTrails.  Check out my other blog post about the photography lessons I’ve learned along the way.

Halifax Instagram Spots: Top 10 Nature Areas

10) York Redoubt

     York redoubt has played many roles throughout its long history.  From its first fortification in 1793 during the battle for the new world between Britain and France to its retrofitting for WWII in 1942.  Its modern role? Upping your Instagram game! With huge cannons, crumbling fortifications, and amazing coastal vantage points there are many spots to choose from here.  You won’t have to walk long distances to reach any of the good spots so this trip can be accomplished with minimal time and effort, and is less than a 30-minute drive from downtown Halifax. 360 View:

9) High Head Trail

     Possibly the best Halifax Instagram spot for a sunset.  High Head Trail is a spectacular coastal hiking trail in camera-friendly Prospect Village.  All the charms of Peggy’s Cove without being inundated by crowds of tourists, the entire area is a photographer’s dream.  The rocky coastal barrens are a perfect foreground for the sun setting over the vast Atlantic Ocean in the background.  Wide angled shots set up with a tripod are guaranteed to produce Instagram envy.  360 View:

8) Chebucto Head

     A lighthouse, an expansive rocky coastline, abandoned structures of yesteryear.  Chebucto Head has #NovaScotia written all over it.  You need not walk far to start snapping great pics at one of the best Halifax Instagram spots.  Though the access road to the parking lot adjacent to the lighthouse is closed due to disrepair (another quintessentially Nova Scotian scene in itself) the walk-in is enjoyably scenic.  360 View:

7) BLT Trail  

      Part of the extensive rails-to-trails system that runs throughout the province, the waterfall along the BLT Trail is a great photo-op.  A very popular spot to stop, the waterfall is a great backdrop for evidence of your hardcore 10km jog or 30km bike ride (or just walk the 2.5km from the trailhead).  You may have to wait your turn as you’re likely not going to have this one to yourself.  Other great spots along the trail include the former rail bridge, and along the shore of Cranberry Lake.  6 Mile Falls 360° view:

6) Hobson’s Lake Trail

     Only a short (20 minute) hike to a small footbridge across a small river which drains from Hobson’s Lake.  In spring the river can be a raging torrent which cascades down steep drop on its way to Kearney Lake.  There’s plenty of great photo spots along the river that are ideal for experimenting with slow shutter speeds to get that silky smooth water blur effect.  A gnarled old tree makes a great backdrop for a selfie on the bridge, just make sure you’re balanced properly on the rickety bridge or it could end in an #EpicFail.  360 View:

5) Blue Mountain Trail

     The top of Blue Mountain is the highest point of Halifax’s Chebucto Peninsula.  While it’s not exactly like scaling the Rockies, it’s a great spot to feel on top of the world in these parts. With the city in the distance and expansive views, it’s a great place for some foreground/background pics.  The ever-evolving pile of rocks at the top sometimes serve as the base for a flagpole or take the form of an Inuksuk360° View:

4) Musquodoboit Trailway

     One of the best trail systems in the province.  (Fairly) well marked and mapped, it’s one of my favourite places for back-country hiking.  More suited to experienced hikers, the Admiral Lake Loop is a 3.5km loop full of well-constructed look off spots.  Similar to the top of Blue Mountain,  the Skull Rock or Rolling Stone look-offs make you feel on top of the world, with great views for kilometres in the distance.  360 View:

3) Fox Lake

     The Fox Lake Trail is part of the Kearney Lake trail system (minutes from downtown Halifax).  The 3-4km return hike isn’t too strenuous but does require paying attention to your navigation and isn’t for beginners. The look-off is a highly elevated granite outcrop overlooking Fox Lake.  Its elevation above the tree canopy is a perfect view of the entire lake, and you can spend a long time here peacefully getting back in tune with nature.  Your pics will reflect the zen atmosphere of this spot (yoga pose for extra likes).  360 View:

2) Herring Cove Provincial Park Reserve

     Towards the end of the Herring Cove Provincial Park Reserve coastal trail is the highest point in the area, and also happens to have a huge pile of rock (leftover from its history as a quarry?) to stand on for an even more elevated platform.  Not far from downtown, it’s an epic Halifax Instagram spot that’s only a 1.5km return trip.  Beginning from the parking lot look-off (a picturesque spot in itself) this particular spot doesn’t require a long hike to reach.  Climbing atop the boulder pile exudes that “I’m the king of the world!” feel.  This shot has profile pic written all over it.  360 View:

1) Susies Lake

     One of the best Halifax Instagram spots is a lesser-known hiking area behind a building supply store in Bayers Lake Business park.  Yeah, I know, it sounds about as scenic as the Walmart parking lot, but this is part of what makes this area so amazing.  A short walk into the woods brings you into an entirely different world.  

     This area, known as the Blue Mountain-Birch Cove Lakes Wilderness Area is as scenic as Kejimkujik National Park and is tucked in the middle of an urban landscape.  My favourite spot of this unique area is the Susies Lake look-off.  It looks as if you’ve been on a multi-day backcountry excursion to find this astounding view.  In reality, it’s a short drive from downtown and a 40-minute return trip hike.  Once you familiarize yourself with the route a few times, you can make it to the lookoff to catch a sunset and still have enough time to make it out before it’s too dark (always bring a flashlight and be properly prepared).  Not bad for a shopping detour with a still-warm coffee in tow #BestOfBothWorlds.  360 View: – Curated Camera Gear

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