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The Road To Recovery: Nature Rehab For Body & Mind

     Today marks a day where mental health is in the spotlight through things like Bell Canada’s #BellLetsTalk and other less corporate means.      Everyone has their own challenges, battles, shortcomings, and adversities.  Sharing stories, feelings, encouragement, and lessons from your own battles can benefit others fighting similar ones.  Today I was writing […]

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Top 5 Most Popular Parks & Hiking Trails Near Halifax, Nova Scotia

The 5 Most Popular Parks & Hiking Trails Near Halifax, Nova Scotia      Compiled from website traffic last year (2020). 5) Polly’s Cove Next to ever-popular Peggy’s Cove. Rocky, coastal barren landscape. Unmarked, muddy trails. Great for boulder climbing.      A 45-minute drive from downtown Halifax and located next door to one […]


Best Halifax Hikes (Within 30 Minutes of Downtown)

For locals and visitors alike, one of Halifax’s most attractive qualities is its proximity to nature—including dozens of lakes, stunning coastline, spectacular views, and hiking trails which connect it all. The best part is that if you’re right in Halifax, you don’t need to drive more than 30 minutes (and in many cases, as little […]


A Detailed Guide To Avoiding Ticks

    With the arrival of Spring in Nova Scotia, we continue to see the tick problem skyrocket.  A rarity in this province only years ago, ticks are now a well-established reality.  They join mosquitos, black flies and deer flies as our most loathsome pests. More than just a seasonal annoyance, ticks emerge whenever temperatures are above […]

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Best Apps For Nature Lovers – Top 5 Apps For Outdoors

Best Apps For Nature Lovers      Best Apps For Nature Lovers, campers, hikers, photographers & outdoor enthusiasts.  My top 5 favourite apps after spending plenty of time hiking, camping & exploring local nature areas.  Apps come and go, but these 5 are staples in my digital kit. iNaturalist      On everyone’s best apps […]