5 Best New Years Day Hikes In Halifax

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If Polar Bear Dips Aren’t Your Thing, Take A Hike!

There’s no better way to start the new year than getting out and breathing in the fresh, crisp New Year’s air.  If you over-indulged in New Year’s Eve celebrations, fear not.  These hikes have just the right exertion-to-enjoyment ratio and are the best all-natural cure for what ails ya.  On a related note; check out my poll “Favourite Outdoor Destination For The Holidays“,  Winter Outdoor Activity Guide and Hiking Prep 101.

5) Charlies Lake Trail

New Year’s redemption can be found overlooking Charlie’s lake. A short, but rugged 1km hike from the parking lot at Maskwa Aquatic club, leads to a spectacular place of rejuvenation. Re-fill your lungs with certified fresh organic, gluten-free 2017 oxygen atop the steep rocky shoreline. Grab a coffee on your way and it might still be warm by the time you reach the lake. The only thing better would be if this place served all day breakfast.

4) Shubie Park

If you’re in the Dartmouth area, heading to Shubie Park is your best option for a place to be seen being “just great, thanks!” (as your grimace turns into a smile).  Sure last night was a rough one, but you’re still out getting exercise and seizing the new year! Lots of different trails to choose from, with plenty of benches and sitting areas to allow you to really take in the scenery while you scold your stomach.

3) Point Pleasant Park

Get off on the right foot by raising your pulse in the heart of Halifax.  Give a fist bump, or subtle wink and nod to any fellow party revellers who also opted for nature over nurture for the first day of 2017.  The salt air will cure what ails ya, or at least remind you that you’re in the Maritimes, so lace up those hikers, stop whining and give ‘er!

2) Long Lake Provincial Park

If you want to get away, but just far enough that no one will notice that you look like an extra from “The Walking Dead”,  join the land of the living at Long Lake Provincial Park.  You can continue in zombie mode along the easy to walk 5km Lakeview Trail, or enter via St. Margaret’s bay road and walk the shoreline to find a place to ponder all of the amazing things you will be accomplishing this year, once you get your voice back.

1) Herring Cove Provincial Park

Sure it might be a little chilly and breezy, but we are in Nova Scotia and nothing rings in a fresh new year like some crisp ocean air.   Sure it’s rugged, but so was last night, so walk it off.  This outing is still easy enough that you don’t have to worry about starring in a survival story when you realize your ambition doesn’t match the current state of your physiology.


Happy New Year!

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