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    A linear power line trail well used by walkers, joggers, bikers and dog walkers.  This 4.5km crusher dust trail connects Parkland Drive to Washmill Lake/ Dunbrack Street. 


    The trail is a great way to escape the streets and sidewalks and also connect to other nearby trails, parks and sports fields. Nearby places of interest include: -Kearney Lake Beach and trails

-Glenbourne Sports Field and off-leash dog park, 

-Belchers Marsh Park,

-Halifax Mainland Common,

-Northcliffe Tennis Club,

-Park West School field,

-Canada Games Centre ,

-Sheffield Park

-Mary Clayton Memorial Park, 

-Fairview Jr. High School soccer field,

-Major bus terminal on Lacewood Drive

-Nearby Chain of Lakes Trail.


    Whether you’re looking for an off-pavement jogging route, a sheltered place for a quick stroll with the kids, or a transportation corridor that avoids streets and sidewalks, this linear trail is a great starting point.  Load up a backpack with some water, snacks and sports equipment and you’ll have plenty of options for activities.  Stop at a field to play some ball, bike along towards other connecting trails, enjoy some quiet time observing the many birds of the area at some of the small parks, or travel to the gym/library/ shopping areas without the car.


     Recommended Reading: “Biking to Blissville: A Cycling Guide to the Maritimes and the Magdalen Islands”.


Part of the region’s active transportation initiative

Difficulty: Easy-moderate (hills).

Setting: Urban Power line corridor.

Facilities: None

Interpretation/Signage: Minimal.


· Well used and maintained active transport route.

· Winter maintenance.

· Connects to many other parks and places of interest.

· Located next to new Lacewood bus terminal.

Dog WalkingBiking

Mainland North Parkway

· Birds

· Wintergreen

· Rosehip

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