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York Redoubt

  York Redoubt National Historic Site is one of Halifax’s less busy but no less impressive pieces of history.  It is a great place for a stroll, picnic, or adventure with the kids.  It’s a great option for getting off the beaten path for a family friendly getaway.   It offers spectacular views of the mouth of Halifax Harbour, the lighthouse at McNabs Island and the Atlantic ocean. 


  The walking trails go from the parking lot up to a lookout tower where you will have the best vantage point of the entire area. The walking trails extend down to the waterfront via an old tunnel (open only during official hours of operation) where world war 2 era lookout towers still reside.


  Everywhere you wander on this site of only a few hectares, you will see some cool military earthworks, buildings or cannons, all rooted in different eras of naval history.  History permeates the soil here and it’s easy to become adrift in your own contemplations.


  Aside from being a great spot to find the extensive information available about the site’s rich history, it also happens to be a fantastic place to enjoy the outdoors and take in some great views of the mouth of Halifax harbour and the ocean beyond.  There are picnic tables and many benches to watch the shipping and boating traffic while the kids play in what I always viewed as the city’s greatest imagination adventure park when I was a child growing up in Halifax.


  Recommended Reading: “Halifax: Warden Of The North



Difficulty: Easy - Moderate.

Setting: National Historic Site.

Facilities: Parking, Washrooms, Picnic Tables.

Interpretation/Signage: Very good.


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· Open June 25– Labour Day, 8am-8pm Daily.

· 200 Year Old Fortification.

· Situated on a bluff overlooking Halifax Harbour entrance.

· Great to explore on foot, and lots of places to picnic.

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