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Trail Summary

· Great, unique, secluded, large sand beaches.

· Trails all hug the shore line of the large peninsula.

· Trails not maintained in winter.

· Remnants of historic Loyalist settlements.

     Taylor Head is about an hour from Halifax, in Spry Bay.  The drive is definitely worth it if you are looking for a good coastline hike, with plenty of beach areas to discover.  When I hiked this in Feb 09, there was a lot of windfall on both the main road and the trails, which makes for some difficult hiking in parts.  Provided the windfall is cleaned up, the trail system is well maintained and marked throughout.  Since it is a peninsula it is fairly hard to get lost, you just follow the coastline most of the way.  There are various trail loops to choose from, depending on the length you want to travel, the longest can take up to 7 hours.


     There are boardwalks and designed look-offs along the way, and you get some of the best coastline views in the province.  When you encounter the remnants of the colonial era Loyalist settlement, you can’t help but reflect on what it would have been like for them back then.


     There are many hidden gems in this park, and you’ll easily discover them along your journey. The beaches are some of the most beautiful and unique in the province, and as a result, Taylor Head has to be one of the best summer day trips the province has to offer.


     Recommended Reading: “Little Book of Sea and Soul”.

Many different  types of coastal views

Difficulty: Moderate-Difficult (terrain, length).

Setting: Peninsula, coastline, beaches.

Facilities: None.

Interpretation/Signage: Adequate

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Taylor Head

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