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Major Upgrades Coming To Long Lake Provincial Park

No more pulling over in sketchy areas not meant for parked cars to get your canoe or kayak into Long Lake Provincial Park.  Atlantic Developments, Polycorp, the government of Nova Scotia, with consultations from the volunteer group the Long Lake Provincial Park Association have teamed up to build proper lake access off of Northwest Arm Drive, and Old Sambro Road.  An accompanying trail loop around Witherod Lake will make this part of the park easily accessible for all to enjoy. (Have a look at my map for reference).

Long Lake Parking

parking lot

Those of us who have been clamouring for a safe and easy place to park to get access to the lake will only have to wait until late April for that wish to come true.  The parking area which is designed for 60 vehicles will be at the end of a short driveway, set back from the road to “maintain the natural aesthetics of the area”.  A new, smaller parking lot for dedicated boat access will also be added off of Old Sambro Rd.

0226164598As for the trails, they will augment existing trails and paths but make them more accessible for all.  There will be 5+ kilometres of trails from Old Sambro Road to the Witherod Lake Loop.  The existing trails will be upgraded to a 4-meter wide gravel pathway with minimal grades.  Woodchips alongside the parking lot and trail will help buffer the industrial look.  Picnic areas, benches, outhouses, dog bag dispensers, garbage cans and other overdue improvements were also part of the plan.

The project was made possible by a $600,000 investment from both developers.  The LLPA volunteer group will be managing the project after it is complete with the assistance of a $40,000 provincial grant.

This is a good example of developers, volunteer organizations and government coming together to improve access and accessibility to our amazing and under-appreciated natural areas.  It’s no coincidence this area is directly across from the companie’s newly developed “Long Lake Villages”, but in this case, I think everyone benefits.  It’s too bad a similar approach wasn’t brokered during the destruction of the Whopper Trail in Bayers Lake.

H.R.M. is undertaking an alignment study of the Northwest Arm Greenway project which proposes connecting Long Lake Provincial park with the Chain Of Lakes Trail via Northwest Arm Drive and St. Margaret’s Bay Road.

References: Councillor Linda Mosher via Halifax Citizen

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3 replies on “Major Upgrades Coming To Long Lake Provincial Park”

Province and City had a chance to do finally do something positive in the city but yet again failed. The new trail had potential but falls short due to the use of huge crushed stone on the path. Within a few minutes had to return to car and leave. Path is terrible for pets, little children, parents with strollers and elderly.
Talking with many residents who have not recommended the trail.

Maybe in the future thus province will do something correct.

My review is 1/2 star out of 5.

This trail is partially completed! Shame on the province for only getting it half right! The crushed stone on this trail is terrible! Unfortunately, it is unusable for most people. Even my dog can’t walk on it! Please don’t compare this trail to Point Pleasant Park, they don’t have the big crushed boulders to walk on. If we wait for this stone to settle, that will be decades. Please see this project to full completion and put down the appropriate stone.

To be honest I think they urbanized this area way too much. Parking lot is a good thing but did we really need a full blown gravel road through the woods that comes near the water Maybe twice and even when it does come the gravel highway doesn’t even touch down to the water itself. I understand that it is a provicial park and they want it to be accessible but they really should have made a skinnier path with the top layer of crusher dust. Look at any nice partially developed trail around and you’ll see that they are not roads through the woods, they are nice little paths. The Frog pond, the Dingle paths, Hail pond trail, Point Pleasent etc. All these paths also manage to accessibly touch down to water. This gravel road really takes away the “away from the city feel” in my opinion.

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