A Detailed Guide To Avoiding Ticks

    With the arrival of Spring in Nova Scotia, we continue to see the tick problem skyrocket.  A rarity in this province only years ago, ticks are now a well-established reality.  They join mosquitos, black flies and deer flies as our most loathsome pests. More than just a seasonal annoyance, ticks emerge whenever temperatures are above […]

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Halifax Giving New Meaning To ‘A Murder Of Crows’

Awe-Inspiring Nature      Possibly my favourite natural phenomenon in Halifax is the daily migration of thousands of crows in the Clayton Park area.  Their nightly congregation in the trees surrounding Mount St. Vincent University is something well known to most local residents.  I compare it to a couple of awe-inspiring natural events I’ve witnessed […]

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Best Apps For Nature Lovers – Top 5 Apps For Outdoors

Best Apps For Nature Lovers      Best Apps For Nature Lovers, campers, hikers, photographers & outdoor enthusiasts.  My top 5 favourite apps after spending plenty of time hiking, camping & exploring local nature areas.  Apps come and go, but these 5 are staples in my digital kit. iNaturalist      On everyone’s best apps […]

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Halifax Tree People

Located in some of my favourite hidden gems, meet the #HalifaxTreePeople!  Learn about what natural forces have come together to create these amazing places, while taking in some of the best scenery Halifax has to offer.  Don’t forget to #tag your experiences! #CharlieTheTree. Located on Charlies Lake, part of the Kearney Lake trail system in […]

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Charlie – Halifax Tree People

Map    Trail Guide   Photos      Charlie stands on the Northern shore of his lake, facing East because he loves watching the sunrise from the end of the lake. He wakes up early to watch the Blue Mountain-Birch Cove Lakes Wilderness Area come alive, with over 150 species of birds such as loons, osprey, and […]