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10 Outdoor Adventures For Spring in Halifax, NS

     This time of year we begin to emerge from indoor hibernation looking for places to soak in the fresh, colourful rebirth of Spring.  As things turn from grey to green, trails change from frozen solid to soft, muddy, and wet.  Be sure to wear rugged, waterproof footwear that will stand up to Spring […]

Hiking Nova Scotia

Duncan’s Cove

My latest excursion was to a place that I had heard good things about but never been.  With a new camera begging to be taken on a tour. I decided to check it out. The trail, like many throughout the province, is not marked or signed very well. Once you pull onto Duncan’s Cove Road, […]

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Men Vs. Wild

My most recent outdoor excursion took place last weekend (March 21) in Enfield. Two friends and I had planned this trip for a week. The trip was to a very basic hunting camp in the middle of nowhere. The variables included in this trip were numerous and added a large element of the unknown to […]