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Outdoor Gear Review: 11 Favourites For Summer

     Whether its a day at the beach, a sweat-drenched hike or a camping trip for the ages, these are some of my favourite items for Summer.

Quickdry Microfiber Towel

     A big fluffy beach towel might be great in some situations, but when you’re out exploring its just not practical.  These microfiber towels take up much less space in your backpack, and dry 3 times faster than a normal cotton towel.

Portable Shower

     Those cheap camp showers where you hang a bag and stand under the trickle are for the birds.  These new portable camp showers actually provide some water pressure to have a real shower.  Perfect for camping or even at the beach to rinse the sand off.  Just stick one end in a bucket and hang the showerhead.

Foldable Water Bottles (3x700ml)

     Big clunky water bottles are a pain.  These foldable water bottles are reusable, stand upright when full and roll up flat when empty.   No more wasting space in your pack lugging around a big empty water bottle.  An easy flip-top, attachment clip, and easy fill spout.  Pair them with a water filter and go next-level ultralight.

Packable Daypack

     A backpack that’s down for whatever.  Fold it up into a pouch that fits in your pocket, or fill it up with a substantial 20L worth of space.  Water resistant – great for the beach, the pool or the trail.

Pouch Couch – Inflatable Lounger

     Lightweight, durable and packable.  No pump required.  Easy to take with you on camping trips, day hikes or beach trips alike.  This thing has turned some of my favourite outdoor destinations into a 5-star resort.  An extremely comfy hammock experience for 1, or a comfy couch for 2 (or more).

21 Watt Folding Solar Panel

     Put the summer rays to use.  This substantial 21-watt panel has plenty of juice to charge all your devices.  Pair it with a portable battery bank and you’ve basically got a portable wall socket.  Ideal for a day at the beach or a weekend camping trip.

Ultralight Warm Weather Sleeping Bag

     That big fluffy goosedown sleeping bag might be great in January, but in August it’s cocoon of sweat.  This one is all you need for warmth and easily folds up to a fraction of the size of regular sleeping bags.  Pair it with an ultralight sleeping pad and let mother nature sing you a lullaby.

IceMule Pro Cooler 

     Those solid, big rectangular coolers are good if you’ve got someone to help you lug it around, but if you’ve got to carry it more than 50 feet it quickly becomes your enemy.  These top-quality soft coolers are every bit as good at insulating (better than most) and you can sling it over your shoulder.  Best of all, when you’ve gone through all your supplies, it folds up into its own carrying pouch.

Bose Soundlink Micro Bluetooth Speaker

     In considering a Bluetooth speaker for outdoor adventures I value 3 things, in order: 1) size and weight. 2) sound quality. 3) durability.   With those things in mind, this speaker is by far the best.  It’s small enough that it easily attaches to your backpack or even your belt clip.  The sound quality packs plenty of punch and can’t be beaten for something of this size and weight.  Waterproof and very durable.

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Thermacell Mosquito Repellent Device

     The great outdoors can quickly become a test of your sanity when the good vibes get crushed by mosquitos.  Mosquito coils and citronella candles work ok sometimes, but they are a pain to transport and they stink.  Step up your mosquito defence with these modern-day, odourless shields.  Hook it up to your camp stove fuel canister for a 15-foot zone of defence.

Inflatable, Floating Cooler

     Nothing says chilling more than a floating, inflatable cooler.  Your new favourite companion at the lake.  Fits up to 72 cans, so it’s bound to be the life of the party.  Cheers!

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