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     Near Kentville, Perched atop Cape Blomidon is 760 acre Blomidon Provincial Park. Located on the Minas Basin, it is a great place to view the twice daily world's highest tides. Needless to say the views are uniquely spectacular. 


     There are a few different trails to choose from. The main “Joudrey Trail” follows along the cliffs and provide a 3 or 4 hour hike that includes some steep climbs on the way up.  The Borden Brook Trail includes a bridge, built steps and a waterfall.  The Woodland Trail offers a nice trail full of trees and vegetation of all sorts.  


     The trails are well marked even though the maps can be a bit confusing (“you are here” with no X marks the spot). There are designed look-off areas, picnic areas and toilets throughout the park. 


     There is a large camp ground in the middle of the park with all related facilities.  The campground can also be used as a shortcut for part of the trail.  There are different campgrounds and camping options to choose from, such as a group campground or individual camp sites.  Reservations required.


     Be sure to find out the times for the high and low tides. Watching the tide come in is one of the most spectacular shows mother nature has to offer.  Low tide is also a great beach combing exploration opportunity.  A vast area of clay which minutes ago was the sea bed, provides a unique landscape to explore (best done bare foot).   The hiking trails are lined in lush vegetation of all types, and migratory shore-birds can be seen throughout.


     The nearby day hike of Cape Split and Scots Bay day-use park also provide other top-notch exploration opportunities in the area. 


     Recommended Reading: The Atlantic Coast: A Natural History”.

The Cliffs Of The Minas Basin

Difficulty: Difficult (elevation, length)

Setting: Cliffs, forest, ocean

Facilities: Parking, Camping, Beach.

Interpretation/Signage: Adequate.

· Challenging hike with rewarding views.

· Great view of world’s highest tides.

· Well maintained and marked.

· Great park for camping, with full facilities.

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Blomidon Park

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