Difficulty: Easy - Moderate (length).

Setting: Woods, lake, marsh, creeks, estate grounds.

Facilities: Parking, toilets, picnic tables, garbage bins, museum. 

Interpretation/Signage: Good.

· Extends over 930 hectares, includes 7 trails of various lengths.

· Estate Museum open until 5:30pm, from June 1 to October 15. 

· A great blend of nature and history.

     The trails at the Uniacke Estate vary considerably.  The park offers approximately 4km of leisurely and level gravel trails and about 8km of moderately difficult natural trails through woods, marshes and ravines.  The grounds of Richard John Uniacke, are now a beautifully preserved estate museum park and welcomes the public.

     The easier, family friendly, gravel trails include the Lake Martha Loop, and Hothouse Hill Loop.  Great scenery of the property is accompanied by  good signage giving you a background on the history of the area.

     The more advanced trails are fantastic nature trails where you’ll encounter lakes and streams and have lots of great vantage points.   The Drumlin Field Trail, Red Spruce Trail, Post Road Trail, Wetlands Trail and Barrens Trail offer a great stretch of true nature trails.  The “Post Road” trail follows the original road between Windsor and Halifax used by stagecoaches in the early 1800s to deliver mail.

     You can almost picture yourself as a British Red Coat marching some of these same roads in the 1700s.  These more advanced trails take anywhere from 45 minutes to 3 hours depending on your route.

     The area is steeped in history and offers a great area for just about every kind of outdoor exploration.  Learn about education and insight into life in Nova Scotia centuries ago.

     If you plan on walking all of the trails, bring along good shoes or boots, some water and a snack.  Cell phone service is unreliable in the area.

     The trails are open year round, and remain un-groomed in the winter.

     Recommended Reading: “Halifax, Warden Of The North

Uniacke Estate Museum Park

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