Chebucto Head

  A half hour drive from Halifax lies a lesser known lighthouse and coastal view.  Chebucto Head offers many of the same features as Peggy’s Cove, but with much less tourist traffic, and far less friendly access (the access road was left in disrepair and you now must park at the gate).  It is also part of the larger 370 hectare Duncan’s Cove nature reserve


  The area is ideal for rock scampering and exploring the coast.  Beyond the mouth of Halifax Harbor, a broad view of the Atlantic ocean along with the Halifax/Dartmouth city lights on the horizon combine for fantastic scenery.  With the light house always in view, and the coastal barrens landscape it’s nearly impossible to get lost.


  The light house was first lit in 1872 and continues to this day to guide ships from their journey across the Atlantic Ocean.  Next to the light house is the remains of a WW2 era concrete fortification which was equipped with search lights and naval guns and functioned as defence of Halifax Harbor from German U-Boats and surface raiders. A huge fog horn in the parking lot area still functions (beware the loudest sound you will ever hear).


  Chebucto Head is an ideal trip for those looking for a pleasant coastal drive and a destination that is off the beaten track.  The area has had a reputation as a lovers lane in the evenings and can feel a little too remote when the sun goes down, but the view of the city lights at night, and the ocean and coast during the day make it a great spot.  Chebucto Head, as well as the adjacent Duncan’s Cove hiking trail are part of a large nature reserve, so tread lightly and follow the Leave No Trace principles.


Recommended Reading: Maritime Lighthouses

Difficulty: Moderate (Terrain)

Setting: Coastal Barrens

Facilities: Parking Lot

Interpretation/Signage: None

· View of the city lights on the horizon.

· Great Coastal Nova Scotian perpectives.

· Access road closed (must park at gate).

· Un-marked, part of a 370ha nature reserve.

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