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Inform Your Vote: 2020 Halifax Municipal Election

Halifax Municipal Election: Green Issue Candidate Surveys

     October 17th 2020 is election day in Halifax.  Ever complained about anything?  Then, you owe it to yourself and our city to back it up with an informed vote.  Increasingly, green issues have become top of mind for many voters despite neglect from most media and politicians.  Have your voice heard, make your representatives represent you.

     Think your single vote doesn’t matter? Local elections especially are often decided by a handful of votes.  Low turnout for elections (historically low in our previous election) means special interest groups and deep-pocketed influencers will fill the void and install someone who represents them rather than actual constituents.

     These are our elected representatives, but more often than not they do not reflect our diversity because not enough people vote.  While it’s good to see a mayoral candidate in his 20s, young people are historically ignored.  Why?  Because they don’t vote in numbers large enough for most politicians to pay attention to.  Make them pay attention, VOTE!

Candidate Surveys

Friends of Blue Mountain-Birch Cove Lakes: Candidate Survey

Ecology Action Centre: 2020 Nova Scotia Municipal Election Survey.

Save Owls Head Park: HRM Candidates Record Of Responses.

Halifax Examiner: Candidate Survey.

Halifax Cycling Coalition: Candidate Survey.

Who’s funding who: Candidates’ past campaign contribution & expense statements.

Voting Deadlines:

Vote by Phone (1-888-371-0341) or Online. Deadline: Oct. 14th @7pm.

Advanced voting, in-person: October 13, noon-8pm.

In-person voting, Oct. 17th.

Voting Info:

How To Vote

Elections Office Call Centre: (1-902-490-8683)

Find Your District.

 Official Candidate List


     Thank you to everyone who stepped up and put themselves out there.  Hopefully, you continue to serve the public in any way you can, even if it’s not in city council.  It’s very encouraging to see so many great candidates and I hope it’s a trend that continues.  We need fresh faces, new ideas & diversity to keep our city headed in the right direction.



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