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Fishing. Almost.

On Saturday (April 4) I went out on my first fishing trip of the season with my brother and my 2-year-old nephew. I spent a while rigging up the rod which I had bought not too long ago, in anticipation of a productive upcomming season. With the rod and tackle box all geared up, I headed out to purchase a license (25 dollars) from a local store, and the fish could now officially tremble in terror. As my brother and I pulled up to a spot on the side of the road in Beaverbank, we got on our rubber boots and headed into the woods towards the Beaverbank River. It was a spot we hadn’t been before, and immediately we saw something that was a very unfamiliar sight… to Nova Scotia in general. As we walked a few minutes into the woods, we began to see water, this water, however, was IN the woods. Seeing as how we were in Nova Scotia and not the Florida Everglades, this was a very strange sight. We looked around, puzzled, with my nephew wondering if we were being watched by crocodiles. I looked around, and quickly realized the river had taken over the woods, and there was no way we could even get near the river in our knee high rubber boots. I glanced around, maybe I could just grab a fish that was laying around in the woods! That would be a great first catch. After a few minutes of “fishing”, we were unsuccessful, and we turned back in disapointment.  To say that we were surprised that we didn’t catch any fish would be a lie, but to say we were surprised we didn’t catch any fish because we were confronted by the Beaverbank Everglades, was definately true.  The trip allowed me to put a new contributing factor to my list of why my fishing expeditions always end up in complete failure.

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