Point Pleasant Park

Trail Summary

· Popular place to walk your dog, go for a walk or jog with friends/family.

· Gravel paths throughout with well marked maps.

· Old fortifications and ocean views make it an easily accessible place to escape the city.

Located in Halifax’s South end, this park is the cornerstone of the city.  It has been the #1 spot for Haligonians to walk the dog (off-leash friendly), go for a jog, or a bike ride.  The park is full of history as evidenced by its numerous old British fortifications and aged beauty.  The location is such that you have a view of the ocean and a good feeling of serenity even without leaving the city.  The park can be fairly crowded at peak times, but in general it is a calm experience.  Whether you want to grab an ice cream cone and take in a play at Shakespeare by the sea, or just take the family for a nice Sunday stroll, this is the place to be in Halifax.  Unfortunately hurricane Juan of 2003 devastated the park’s old growth forest, but it has been recovering nicely.

The heart of Halifax

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More Info

Difficulty: Easy to difficult (distance)

Setting: Forest, oceanfront, historic sight.

Facilities: Bathrooms, food, parking.

Interpretation/Signage: Good.